Bee Pollen for Weight Loss


When I was 17, I told my mother, there are a lot of other ways to make a living than messing with bees like she and my old man did. Now I’m past 50, and Jesus Christ, I’m still messing with bees for a living!” – January, 1979.

~ Ray Meyers, Florida Beekeeper

Bee pollen is the ancient Chinese secret to staying healthy and thin. It is a powerful extracted nutrient that gives the body everything it needs to heal itself, thrive and survive. With over 1000 successful clinical trial patients under its belt, Chinese research groups can enjoy the solid truth that bee pollen is an effective solution for weight loss. The product is available in a variety of forms including a dietary supplement, powder, seeds and added to items such as jam and honey.
The benefits of bee pollen are almost too good to be true. For starters, the average participant in an extensive clinical trial experienced between 15 and 35 pounds of weight loss over the course of one month when taking bee pollen supplements. These results are accumulated from people who did not maintain a special diet and did not workout. It is safe to say that combining bee pollen capsules with a steady diet and exercise routine will drastically increase the workout results for the average person.
There is often a negative side effect or “catch” when it comes to weight loss supplements that promise as positive results as bee pollen, but in this case there is none. Traditional diet pills are often filled with placebos or heavily processed nutrients that are bad for the body. Bee pollen is 100% natural and organic in its derived state. It contains a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that cannot be found in even the most complete multi-vitamin. A person could essentially survive for a few days on bee pollen capsules alone because of all the nutrients that are inside of it. Bee pollen is carefully derived from plants by scientists. The extraction technique is designed to keep the pollen from being chemically altered in any way. This allows the product to be highly effective. As with many dietary products, there are copycats all over the market. One of the best ways to ensure you are getting high quality bee pollen products is to check the manufacturer for GMP compliance and a certificate of analysis. These small factors will ensure you are consuming pharmaceutical grade nutrients and not a sugar filled alternative to the real thing.
There are many natural moisturizers in bee pollen as well. This allows it to nourish the skin and increase the elasticity of skin. The end result is youthful looking skin around the entire body. Many patients have also reported a drastic decrease in problematic skin conditions especially acne. Because bee pollen acts as a natural detoxifying agent it is able to suck out and flush out the waste that is trapped within skin and fat cells. Other patients noticed an increase in overall energy. On the inside of your body the real magic is happening. Bee pollen flushes out the fat that is trapped inside your cells. During the process the endocrine system is able to function at optimum levels and blood flow and circulation is increased. For this reason, bee pollen can help decrease the risk of numerous health problems if taken daily over time. Each product offers its own recommended dosage. It is important to speak with a doctor before hand to ensure you are not allergic to pollen that is found in the supplement. Signs of allergies include itchy throat, swelled throat and chronic coughing.