Bee pollen products can be used to improve overall health, weight loss and skin conditions of a person. Bee pollen was discovered and cultivated by the Chinese and has been a long standing supplement for their culture. Research scientists have found a way to carefully retrieve this essential nutrient and then put it in a full variety of products that offer substantial results over any other product on the market today.
The uses of bee pollen have been passed down over centuries through the homeopathic medicine teachings of the Chinese. They operate on the firm belief that a well taken care of body will ultimately provide exactly what a person needs to thrive and survive and have their body heal itself. Scientists use a special extraction technique to remove the pollen from the plan and keep it in its natural state. By not being chemically altered in any way, bee pollen is able to supple users with high quality results.
Most commonly, bee pollen products are used for weight loss. There is one secret to weight loss that many people do not understand. That is that if you are feeding your body what it needs and treating it well, it will automatically return to a healthy weight and state of being. The Chinese culture believes that good things on the inside will result in good things on the outside. Bee pollen has been proven to harbor every type of vitamin, mineral and amino acid that is known to man. It can essentially supply a body with everything it needs to survive without the need for food or other supplements. A clinical trial that tested over 1000 patients and their weight loss with the use of bee pollen delivered an astonished 100% result for weight loss. Without diet or exercise, bee pollen is able to promote weight loss of 15 to 35 pounds in one month in the average person. This is substantially more than diet and exercise alone or with the use of any type of diet supplement on the market today.
The reason for these astonishing results is that bee pollen has the ability to detoxify the body naturally. This is drastically different than the harsh supplements that promise to cleanse your body in 14 to 30 days. Bee pollen is naturally formulated to seep into cells and force out the built up toxins and fat that exist there. Once they are released from the body you will notice instant weight loss as well as clear-headedness and more energy. It is possible that being overweight or busy with life have little to do with lack of concentration and energy. Instead, the decrease of both is a direct result of the endless amount of junk that is ingested into the body. Those looking to lose weight quickly, safely and effectively should utilize bee pollen supplements or powder in their everyday life. It requires no more than taking two tablets once per day.
Bee pollen is also considered a crucial ingredient in skin care products. The full range of vitamins allow it to add a deep hydrating property to facial cremes and washes. The bee pollen absorbs into the skin and restores its natural elasticity. Women will especially enjoy the anti-aging benefits of bee pollen. It has the ability to pull toxins from the skin and leave a youthful, refreshed and glowing person behind. Bee pollen cremes should be used nightly when the skin is resting and is most absorbent. There are finally a few products on the market that add small amounts of bee pollen to increase the nutritional factor of an item. This includes honey and jam primarily. It is not likely that a person will see any drastic results from using these products, but they are an excellent way to help the body obtain additional nutrients to remain healthy.
Not all health products are created equal. Whether you are looking for a supplement, fortified product or creme, you must always be aware of what you are purchasing. Many bee pollen products are comprised of small amounts of the substance along with a list of miscellaneous ingredients. Others may use refined or chemically processed bee pollen that is less effective than the pure, natural source. Only manufacturers that carry a certificate of analysis and are GMP compliant are able to provide consumers with a high quality, pharmaceutical grade product. This information should be listed on the manufacturers website.
Aside from weight loss and anti-aging benefits of bee pollen products, it has been known to deliver fast results, increase energy, increase metabolism and make you feel and look younger. Its detoxifying properties will increase endocrine function and circulation of blood and oxygen through the body. All of these contribute to an increase in overall health. Many patients also expressed an increase in their sex drive as a result of taking bee pollen supplements and better looking, less problematic skin. The nutrients found in bee pollen will help the body heal and restore itself to a natural, healthy state within sixty days.
Bee pollen products are one of the few substances that can hold the claim that they are not harmful in anyway. First, they are 100% organic and all natural. Second, the vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are found in bee pollen are also found in the body and essential for proper growth and function. Finally, the only negative effects known as a result of taking bee pollen are allergic reactions. Unfortunately if you allergic to pollen such as ragweed, you are likely to be allergic to bee pollen products as well. Allergy symptoms include but are not limited to headaches, throat itching, eyes swelling, coughing and wheezing. If a person exhibits any of these symptoms while utilizing a bee pollen product they should consult a doctor immediately. To ensure that you are not highly allergic, start by using small amounts of a bee pollen product and gradually build up to the recommended usage or dosage over the course of a few weeks.