Bee Pollen Side Effects


One of the latest products to make it onto the health and nutrition market is bee pollen. Currently there are a variety of food products, creams, supplements and powders being produced using this all natural ingredient. The benefits of bee pollen have been discovered and nurtured over centuries through Chinese medicine. The belief that proper nutrition is all a body needs to heal and repair itself had funded the growth of bee pollen products. This nutrient is rich in vitamins and minerals and offers an overwhelming number of health benefits.
Bee pollen is extracted from plants using a refined process that keeps the nutrient intact and allows it to deliver the best possible results to the body. Chinese scientists have followed thousands of patients on clinical trials and discovered only positive results from the use of bee pollen supplements. The primary claim is that a bee pollen supplement can help a person loose between 15 and 35 pounds in one month. While this seems like allot of weight to lose without the help of diet or exercise, it has been proven possible a countless number of times by test subjects.
If you are wondering how this is possible, let us explain. First, bee pollen supplements are not the regular run of the mill diet pill. In general, diet pills are filled with artificial ingredients that make you think you are taking something beneficial when they are mostly low-grade nutrients that offer no significant effect on the body. Bee pollen works by penetrating deep into cells and extracting fat before forcing it to be flushed from the body. If you have ever tried a detoxifying diet supplement, this will do that job in less time and without the need for taking large quantities of harsh pills. Bee pollen supplements are 100% all natural even in their processed state.
Other benefits of bee pollen include its ability to decrease fatigue, increase metabolism and increase endocrine functions. All of these will contribute to the boost in the weight loss for a person. Because toxins and waste will be flushed from the body, problematic skin is known to show vast improvements. Bee pollen also offers a natural moisture to the skin which increases elasticity and decreases signs of aging. All in all, there are numerous benefits to bee pollen products.
At this point, bee pollen seems too good to be true. Many people would feel that it must have harsh side effects or down falls in order to be a “good” product. However this is not the case. At this point, a multitude of researchers are in agreement that there are no negative effects from bee pollen on the body. The only exception is for those people that are allergic to pollens such as ragweed. An allergic reaction is possible for people with this level of allergies when taking bee pollen. Allergies are designated by an itching in the throat and face, swelling, hives and/or coughing. Patients experiencing any of these symptoms should contact a doctor immediately.