Different Types of Bees

Different Types of Bees ADS   We’ve all eaten honey, and many of us supplement our diets by eating beneficial bee byproducts such as bee pollen. However, there are several different species of bees; which ones make honey, and what do other kinds of bees do? There are about 25,000 identified species of bees worldwide […]

The Health Benefits of Honey

The Health Benefits of Honey ADS   Most of us are familiar with the many health benefits of bee pollen. This bee byproduct is packed with vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other nutrients; when we eat bee pollen as a food supplement, we are treating our bodies to a significant percentage of many of the nutrients […]

Bee Pollen and Stress

Bee Pollen and Stress ADS Bee pollen is one of nature’s miracle foods. Collected by bees from various flowering plants and kept in hives as food for bee larvae, bee pollen is abundant in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients essential to life. Research suggests that bee pollen can improve stamina and energy levels, […]

Bee Pollen and Stamina

There is no special pill or food supplement that will improve your physical endurance or your ability to perform at a high level in an athletic competition; there is no substitute for hard work and training. However, bee pollen contains a number of nutrients that are significant in recovering from physical activity. Amino acids, for […]

Bee Pollen and Allergies

Bee Pollen and Allergies ADS With the ever growing list of side effects associated with the pill concoctions that many doctors are prescribing, more and more people are opting for natural cures for their medical ailments. While traditional pills are filled with fillers, byproducts and placebo substances that do more harm to the human body […]

Bee Pollen to Strengthen the Immune System

Bee Pollen to Strengthen the Immune System ADS Ever since we were little kids were given shots to help our immune system fight off various forms of infection. Over the years, shots have changed and so have the different types of viruses that people are tested for. When we contract a virus, it typically manifests […]

Does Bee Pollen Help With Cancer

Does Bee Pollen Help With Cancer? ADS Over the past decade Eastern medicine has managed to work its way into the Western culture. Researchers are finding a never ending list of negative side effects from the drugs and procedures that follow Western guidelines to treat health problems. One of the benefits of Eastern medicine is […]

How Honey Heals Wounds

How Honey Heals Wounds ADS Most of us think of bee honey as a sweet spread for toast or pancakes, or as an ingredient in cooking. Few of us would think of honey as a home remedy in treating wounds. However, various studies done around the world have shown that honey can indeed be applied […]

Bee Pollen and Cancer

Bee Pollen and Cancer ADS Bee pollen has been used as a natural medicine for thousands of years, including among the ancient Chinese, who were among the earliest practitioners of herbal cures. But does bee pollen help treat ailments that are prevalent in the modern world, such as cancer? Current research indicates that this simple […]

Bee Pollen Helps with Cholesterol

Bee Pollen Helps with Cholesterol ADS Bee pollen can help with a lot of conditions and ailments that you might experience. Bee pollen has many benefits because of the vitamins and nutrients that it holds. It is inexpensive to buy, and has lasting benefits that can be good for overall health and wellness. Bee pollen […]