How Being More Mindful Can Lead to Better General Health

How Being More Mindful Can Lead to Better General Health


Date : Nov 22,2016
By : Eileen O’Shanassy

Although academic research on the benefits of mindfulness isn’t as robust as it is for a healthy diet, there’s obviously a reason why it’s been in practice for thousands of years. As time goes on, scientists are starting to gain a better understanding of why mindfulness is beneficial for many aspects of our health including pain management, emotional balance, and sleep disturbances. Mindfulness is the ability to allow nonjudgmental awareness occur without feeling the effects of negative situations or experiences. With that in mind, take a look below for five reasons how practicing mindfulness and improve both your physical and emotional health.

Stress Reduction
Research published in Health Psychology has shown that practicing mindfulness is associated with lower stress levels. In addition, those who routinely practice mindfulness also have lower cortisol levels in many circumstances.

By implementing mindfulness into our lives on a regular basis, we can see beyond those rose-colored glasses and objectively analyze ourselves. When we can look inside ourselves without hiding the truth, we develop a newfound awareness that can lead to greater self-confidence and better decisions.


Reduction in Physical Symptoms
Although practicing mindfulness can’t make a physical illness disappear, it can aid in the reduction of painful symptoms. For example, individuals suffering from rheumatoid arthritis can lessen the severity of symptoms through mindful training and meditation techniques.

Protective Powers
Meditation may be the link we’ve been looking for when it comes to connecting with our inner selves. When we meditate, there is an increase in the signaling connections within our brains. It also increases the protective tissues around the axons (myelin), which could be the key to preventing mental illness.

Your Brain’s Volume Control
Have you ever wondered how people who practice mindfulness seem so relaxed? When we have better control over our emotions, we’re able make rational decisions instead of acting on impulse or being manipulated by our emotions.When we make decisions based on feelings alone, they are usually the wrong ones. Mindfulness gives us the insight we need to think things through even when the situation is unpleasant and demands immediate action.

Reduction in Medical Bills
Mindful meditation is also linked to a reduction in the annual medical bills of those who suffer from chronic illness. In addition, practicing mindfulness may help to shorten the duration and lessen the severity of cold symptoms.
While there is no surefire way to avoid physical ailments or an occasional case of the blues, mindfulness provides the foundation for positive growth and optimal functioning on every level of your body and mind. Visit here for more information on how psychology education is changing to include these practices. With medication, mindfulness, and deliberate stress reduction, we can work to reduce symptoms of illness.