Nasty Allergies? 5 Serious Tips For Relief You May Not Have Thought Of

Nasty Allergies? 5 Serious Tips For Relief You May Not Have Thought Of


Date : Dec 16,2016
By : Kara Masterson

Fall and spring bring unfortunate attachments with their beauty like allergies, hay fever or worse. There are steps you can take to alleviate the problems though. Here are five serious tips you may not have considered.

Check the Pollen Count and Plan Your Day Accordingly
According to, being proactive in combating allergies through decisions to avoid pollen is a smart move. This may be one of the single best ways to beat serious allergies. Check the pollen count, and remember these tips to minimize exposure:

  • Keep windows shut in your car and home to prevent pollen from entering, especially when there is a high count
  • Make sure your AC units are recycling air in your car and home to avoid pollen-soaked air from entering
  • Try and avoid going outside from five to nine in the morning because the pollen count is highest then
  • Warm, dry mornings have the highest pollen counts so avoid going outside if possible
  • Be on high alert for dry windy days during allergy seasons
  • Try and enjoy outdoor activities after a heavy rainfall
  • Replace Furnace and AC Filters Regularly to Combat Asthma and Allergies
    Indoor air pollution is a big contributor to allergies and asthma, and allergies aggravate asthma. Everyday Health maintains regular filter changes decreases air pollution inside the home. The decreased air pollution will help people with severe allergies and asthma. People taking heavy asthma medications like Aerospan RX might not need to depend on their inhaler as much with regular filter changes.


    Before Bed, Wash Yourself and Hair Thoroughly
    Taking a hot shower and thoroughly cleaning right before getting into bed is often overlooked, especially hair washing. Washing your hair well will get rid of any pollen and other allergens in your hair. This prevents you from passing the allergens on to your pillow.

    Take off Your Shoes in the House
    If you have been outside, take your shoes off and leave them at the door or outside. This will prevent you from tracking in less pollen than normal. While you are on the task of cutting down pollen entering, you should wipe your dog’s fur down and its paws. Allergens stick to pet coats and paws the same way they do to our clothes, hair and shoes.

    Take Control of Your Indoor Humidity to Fend of Mold Spores
    According to Healthline, lowering the humidity levels inside your house fights allergies by decreasing mold and mold spores. Healthline points out a humidity level lower than 60 percent is the target range. There are a couple items worth buying to help like a thermometer that gauges humidity and a dehumidifier. The best place for a dehumidifier to fight allergies in the primary level of the home.

    The five tips above will help you get through the worst part of your allergies. They will help cut down on the symptoms, and they may even prevent certain allergy attacks altogether if followed properly. Implement these tips with physician advice, and you may be able to enjoy all four seasons.