Best Bee Smoker Fuel Buying Guide

Investing in a bee smoker is one thing and you should definitely do so. Bee smokers have the power to calm your bees and let you do your thing without being stung by your bees and possibly get hurt. However, although a bee smoker is a one-time investment, in order for it to work well, you need to find the best bee smoker fuel.

The beekeeping society is growing, and as such, the market of beekeeping products and especially bee smoker and bee smoker fuels can be pretty confusing. This is why you need to find the best bee smoker fuel that will be lit up and burns slowly. In order for a fuel to be effective, it should provide high-quality smoke that calms the bees and eases up your life.

If you are into beekeeping, you probably know that there are thousands of different fuels that will produce smoke. However, there are only a few that have a nice and mellow one. You should avoid fuels that produce hot smoke as they pose a risk of you hurting and burning your bees. And this complicates things, right?

In order to help you out, we’ve done thorough research on the best bee smoker fuels on the market. We tried many of them – and we promise no bees were hurt in the process. We used only the ones that come from reputable manufacturers and have no harmful chemicals for the bees. As a result of our investigation, we’ve come up with a thorough buying guide on the best bee smoker fuels. Keep on reading to see which one is the best for you and your bee colonies.

Choosing your bee smoker fuel

The first thing that you should know about bee smoker fuel is that it can be found in two types: commercial and natural ones. If you are a beginner in beekeeping and hitting the beginner beekeeping books isn’t helping, we’ve done an overview of these two types.


The commercial is one way that will help you have a good time in beekeeping. These fuels are often produced by larger corporations which specialize in beekeeping equipment and tools. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg, with so many to choose from, there are good and bad commercial smoker fuels. If you find yourself a good fuel, you’ll have a great and safe time with your bees, and you’ll be able to enjoy the pleasure of beekeeping safely.


Natural smoker fuels, on the other hand, are DIY smoker fuels. These fuels are somewhat riskier to make and have, especially if you don’t really know your way around it. They should be bee-friendly and produce only smoke without fire. Usually, professional beekeepers who want to save money on commercial fuels make them from a slow-burning material and they know how to make them perfectly, without any residue on the honey or in the beehive. However, natural smoker fuels should only be made by those who have thorough knowledge and experience in making them.

So what should you look for?

After you’ve purchased a great bee smoker, you’ll need good fuel for it. But, don’t just go trying out ideas you’ve found on the internet, as you might kill a whole bee swarm. Instead, if you are a beginner or if you are not an absolute pro in making your own smoker fuel, we suggest going for a commercial one. Remember to avoid certain materials like sawdust which can burn hot and create embers that burn the bees. Also, avoid petroleum and synthetic materials. They produce a dark irritating smoke for both humans and bees.

These are important aspects, and if you don’t know your way around the chemical reactions of burning and smouldering, we suggest trying out reputable smoker fuels. In order to help you out, we’ve combined a list of the absolute best options you can easily purchase on the market nowadays. Here are some ideas:

1. Premium Pine Needle Mulch – The Best Bee Smoker Fuel

The Premium Pine Needle Mulch is the absolute best choice you can find on the market. It is a safe smoker fuel that simply swept us from our feet. It is a completely 100% natural smoker fuel. We were amazed to learn and see that the whole fuel generates a really bee-friendly smoke. It didn’t harm any bees, but we could instantly see the difference as the bees calmed down.

Although a beginner level and budget-friendly option, the Premium Pine Needle Mulch is great for professionals too. The bees benefit from it a lot. For instance, any knowledgeable beekeeper would see that the smoke is really constant and steady, ensuring the beekeeper can do his work without any problems. It is a great product in general, allowing beekeepers to safely harvest the honey or do beehive inspection without being bothered by the irritated bees.

best bee smoker fuel

In addition to this, the Premium Pine Needle Mulch has gotten a great reputation. Many pros use it as their most reliable smoker fuel. It has been proven to be one of the best, and we consider it to be the easiest to use yet natural and budget-friendly smoker fuel.


  • Made of 100% natural pine needles
  • Great for both professionals and beekeepers
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Reputable
  • Smoke is bee-friendly, calming and completely clean


  • Might produce too much smoke for smaller beehives

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2. Mid West Bee Supply Bee Smoker Fuel – Runner Up Best Bee Smoker Fuel

The second best bee smoker fuel option you have is the Mid West Bee Supply fuel. This fuel is again, one of the best ones on the market because of various reasons, and customer reports have shown so. It is an ideal fuel because it is made from completely clean and safe, 100% cotton fibres. As such, it has the great performance as a bee calmer. From the first time you use it, you’ll notice that it generates a clean and constant smoke.

Second best bee smoker fuel

Moreover, the thing that is even more important is that it is completely safe for the bees. It doesn’t heat up too much, thus, minimizing the chances of a bee being burnt. In addition to this, it lights up easily and burns continuously for a long time. Basically, this means that your bees will be calm and you’ll have a chance to work on your hive or collect the honey without being bothered or stung by your bees. Also, it is a budget-friendly option since it smoulders for a long time. Thus, you won’t need to use too much of it if you have an ongoing task around the beehives.


  • Great for both beginners and pros
  • Completely clean, made of 100% cotton fibres
  • It lights for a long time
  • Great value for money + saves money on the long run


  • Somewhat pricier than other fuels

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3. Bee Patient Wood Pellets Bee Smoker Fuel

The third best option is the Bee Patient wood pellets smoker fuel. This is absolutely the best beginner-friendly smoker fuel. It is easy to light, and the process of lighting it up is pretty quick too.

The thing that makes this piece unique is that it comes in a convenient 2-pound bag. We say convenient because it is easy to carry together with all other beekeeper tools and equipment.

If you’ve done a bit of research on bee smoker fuel, you probably already know that the wood pellets are great fuel for it. Like many other pellets, the Western Bee ones light up in a few seconds. But, the thing that makes these especially worthy of the investment is that they smoulder for quite some time.

You can rest assured that this Bee Patient fuel is safe for the bees. It always produces a consistent and clean smoke. This smoke has proven to be safe for bees, and you can do your beekeeping tasks without worrying about the wellbeing of your swarm.

Last but not least, you get 5 smoker fire starters for greater convenience. This way, you can have an easy time facilitating honey harvesting without any problems with firing up the fuel


  • The compressed pellets come in a convenient package
  • Completely safe for bees
  • Easy to light up
  • Long lasting smoke


  • Package must be maintained properly and with care to avoid damage

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4. Gooday Chinese Medicinal Herb Bee Smoker Fuel

The Gooday Chinese Medicinal Herb smoker fuel is another great option for calming your bees and being able to work around the beehive safely. The whole fuel is made of medicinal herbs that are both calming and have further benefits for your beehive. For instance, this fuel is great because it has the power to eliminate beehive borers and bacteria. Moreover, it can be used for cleaning up the bees in general. It also has features that help with killing the body mites found in bees.

What we really love about this smoker fuel is that it is really handy for maintaining good health in your bees. It has the power to repel insects. Also, if used on a daily basis, you’ll notice a lot of your bee-related problems going away.

In general, the Gooday Chinese Medicinal Herb smoker fuel is completely safe and natural fuel. It is one that you can rely on, and if you want or need the added benefits of it, you’ll see that the price is quite reasonable.

In different occasions, the fuel burnt for 12 to 16 minutes which is quite decent for a fuel. It comes in a form of a smoke bomb, and in a single package you get exactly 54 smoke bombs. These are almost a 2-month supply if you use your smoker on a daily basis.


  • Made from medicinal herbs
  • Kills bacteria and viruses
  • Burns for extended period
  • Soothes the bees
  • Great for beehive sterilization


  • A bit expensive
  • Only one size to choose from

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5. BeeCastle Bee Hive Smoker Pellets

Last but not least, we have the BeeCastle Bee Hive smoker pellets. These pellets are great for those who want the most longest-lasting smoker fuels. As a fuel, it burns for an average of 20 minutes. This is more than enough time for you to handle the honey harvesting without any problems. As a fuel made from 100% Chinese herb, we can say that it is really effective in soothing and calming the bees.

And, as you can already predict, the BeeCastle smoker pellets are great for cleaning the beehive and improving your swarm’s health. In addition to this, you should know that this is the best bee smoker fuel if you are looking for something that is fully beneficial and healthy for your bees. The pellets are free from filler-materials and compared to other materials like softwood it provides an even cleaner smoke.

You get the bee hive smoker pellets in a package of 54 pieces. This is a great supply of bee smoker fuel, and it is a worthy investment too. Even if unused for some time, the pellets remain undamaged and you can use them as long as the expiration date is ok. The pellets are really well-made, as you’d expect from such a reliable manufacturer. Also, we noticed that they are really beginner-friendly too. They light up easy and all you’ll need is a spark from a flame.


  • Burns for a long time
  • Made of 100% natural Chinese herbs
  • Healthy and safe for the bees and long term use too
  • Effective in a really short time


  • The package might be too large
  • Only one size to choose from

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That’s a wrap ladies and gentlemen. We’ve picked up the best bee smokers you can possibly find on today’s beekeeping market. All you need to do is pick the one within your budget and expectations, make a purchase and you should have a great time harvesting honey and enjoying the life of a beekeeper.

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