Best Gift Ideas for Beekeepers – The 2020 Buying Guide

If you have a beekeeper in your life, you are one of the lucky ones to be looking at the best gifts for beekeepers. Regardless of who they are, beekeepers are people who do wonders for the environments. First, they help restore the endangered species – bees, they help pollinate plants and improve garden productions, and ultimately, they take part in the process of honey-making, a natural remedy for many health conditions. So, if you have a beekeeper in your life, in many cases (birthdays, Christmas..) you want to express your gratitude for them. And how to do it properly? With the best gifts for beekeepers that will help them strive in their hobby or profession.

However, beekeeping can be pretty demanding in terms of tools, equipment, gear and even clothes. So, this gives you a somewhat large spectre of ideas for gifts. So, if you have a beekeeper friend, partner or someone from your family owns a beehive, here are some great gifts for beekeepers:

1. Monthly or Yearly Bee Magazines – Safe gifts for beekeepers

The life of a beekeeper requires that they keep on learning the lifestyle and habits of bees. And, besides boring books which can be time-consuming, a magazine subscription can be really fun. By reading monthly bee magazines, the beekeeper you are close to can get the latest news on the trends in beekeeping, popular beekeeping tools and equipment, info on beekeeping tools on sale and everything else that they might be interested in. Although these magazines aren’t really a gift that will last for very long, they are a really valuable source of information, thus a valuable gift for beekeepers.

gifts for beekeepers


  • Great source of knowledge
  • Really budget friendly
  • Unique gift


  • Not the best gift for beekeepers who don’t like reading

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2. Bee Feeders – Best budget gifts for beekeepers

A great set of gifts for beekeepers are bee feeders. Although these are essentials and your beekeeper already has one, it is never a bad option to have a spare one or to get a better one. Bees need to eat, so gifting your beekeeper with a bee feeder also says that you care about his hobby and that you are interested in it.

Feeder gifts for beekeepers

The bee feeder we have in mind is a great and reputable one. Coming from a brand like Homestead Essentials, you’ll be gifting a good piece of beekeeping equipment. Moreover, this is a budget-friendly gift, considering its value for beekeeping as an activity. The Homestead Essential bee feeders come in a set of two, so you’ll also be thoughtful enough to get a replacement one in case the first one isn’t enough. Many beekeepers want these feeders, but don’t’ want to go over their way to buy them, so you’ll be doing the beekeeper a favour by gifting them one.


  • Removable drip-free bases and tanks
  • Multiple purposes gift
  • Features an automatic valve
  • High quality unit from a reliable manufacturer


  • All beekeepers already have a bee feeder

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3. A ventilated bee suit

The life of a beekeeper requires good clothing too. From having the best beekeeping gloves and the best beekeeping veil to other clothes that are necessary. If you want to impress a beekeeper – simply find them the best ventilated bee suit.

A good option is The Ultra Breeze beekeeping jacket. This sting proof bee suit is a great option for all beekeepers. It also has a bee veil ensuring the utmost safety when working around the bees. It features great workmanship and it has cool brass zippers. It is made from durable yet ventilated polyester fabrics which are known to take a lot of beating.

The beekeeper who’s going to use the suit will enjoy having great protection and will be comfortable when doing their regular tasks.

Although not very important, but this suit is a good option for anyone who doesn’t like cleaning up too much. The polyester/vinyl material is resistant to wrinkling and twisting, and it can be easily cleaned. They can hand-wash the hood and machine wash the suit for the perfect beekeeper look.


  • Good manufacturer
  • Great value for price
  • Safe for everyday tasks
  • Several sizes to choose from


  • High-end, expensive gift

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4. Swarm Lures

If you are on a tight budget but still want to impress a beekeeper with your knowledge, simply get something that they don’t have but wish to do so. One of the things that many beekeepers resist to buy but need is a swarm lure. These handy devices are used for “calling” your bees back into the beehive.

A great purchase that you can make with a small investment are the Swarm Lure Commander lures. The lure works as a sprayer, and it is high-mist too. In general, the sprayer is easy-to-use and it can effectively bait a hive.

The proper way to use it to spray four times and the bite will last for 7 to 10 days. In addition to this, the beehive swarm lure is a good purchase because it is a durable gift. A single high-mist sprayer can last for years, since there are 100 applications in the bottle. So, although a small in size, the Swarm Commander is a lasting product that will have the beekeeper think of you for a long time.


  • Great value
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Compact size
  • Highly-effective
  • Budget-friendly


  • Doesn’t work on all bees (for example, doesn’t work on carpenter bees)

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5. Honey Bee Extractor Gifts for Beekeepers

You can always find a honey bee extractor for sale and amaze a beekeeper. This handy little device is used for extracting honey (duh!), and it is something that all beekeepers need, regardless of their level of expertise. However, if the beekeeper you are buying gifts for is a professional, they’ll love the Vivo Stainless steel extractor.
This amazing extractor features a lot of high-end features that are usually found in higher-priced extractors, yet it is budget-friendly.

First off, you can choose from three different sizes, and if you get the largest one which features 4 frames, you’ll be truly exciting your beekeeper.

The drum on the extractor is made from high-quality, durable stainless steel. It can withstand a  lot of usage and it can be a great helper in extracting honey. Also, the unit is incredibly easy to use. It features a well-designed gate opening. It rests about ½ -inches above the bottom, so there is no need for tipping the device and risking damaging it.

Another handy feature is that the extractor features a Plexiglas lid. There is a lot of joy in watching the honey spin, and with the clear lid, you can both enjoy this experience.


  • Extremely functional
  • High-quality, stainless steel drum
  • Great capacity
  • Good warranty


  • Can be a bit expensive

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6. Beekeeping starter kit – Best gifts for beekeepers who are beginners

If you know someone who is simply interested in being a beekeeper, does the research and has a genuine wish to start with it, the best gift for them would be a beekeeping starter kit. Usually, there are different types of beekeeper starter kits, but the one we have in mind is the absolutely best choice because it features everything a new beekeeper should have.

Of course, we are talking about a Mann Lake kit, since this is the most renowned company for offering bee products. The kit is made in the USA, so it has proven quality and it can fit all the needs of a modern beekeeper.

beekeeper starter kit gift idea

A great thing that makes this unit quite beginner-friendly is that it comes completely assembled. It requires no installation or assembly. All you need to do is find the bees.

You should know that there is a hive body, wood frames and a good, high-quality, yellow-waxed RiteCell foundation. There is an entrance reducer, a painted telescopic cover and a painted bottom board too.

Although this are all the pieces of a hive, the kit also comes with the proper beekeeping equipment. There is a smoker and a guard, a hive tool. For protection, the kit also has decent leather gloves and an Alexander bee veil which have proven to be quite effective against bee stings.

Lastly, what we loved about it is that it comes with a handy book that can help beginners a lot. The bee book is called “Starting right with bees” and it offers all essential insights and knowledge.


  • A complete starter kit
  • Has a great beginner book
  • Comes completely assembled
  • Includes safety equipment


  • Can be too big

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7.  A bee smoker – One of the best gifts for pros

A bee smoker is a handy device that has a really nice purpose. It is meant for soothing bees and keeping them calm. Also, it is an essential tool that any beekeeper must have – especially if they care about their safety. So, this is exactly why you should be extra happy to buy a bee smoker for a beekeeper. It is one of the best gifts for beekeepers since there are always better and more effective models. In addition to a bee smoker, you can buy them fuel for it too – some are easier to use than others, so, consider the level of expertise of your beekeeper.

The best bee smoker on the market nowadays is the Vivo smoker. It is a highly durable, effective unit that is made from stainless steel. Also, there are two sizes to choose from – a regular and a large one. The latter is best for those who have many beehives.

Bee smoker beekeeper gift idea

The Vivo smoker calms the bees down perfectly, and it is a handy device to have around when the beekeeper does maintenance. Also, it features a great heat shield. This feature ensures that the smoker is safe for use, even by beginners.

Also, it has a convenient little mounting hook for handy storage. Lastly, it isn’t too big either, yet it serves its purpose nicely. It is 11-inches long which is the perfect size for a smoker with such performance.

Lastly, we should mention that the unit has a perforated fire base. This feature ensures that there is a good airflow in the smoker and that it can be effective in calming the bees.


  • Effective for calming the bees
  • Safe for usage by beekeepers and bees
  • Convenient size
  • Has good airflow


  • Doesn’t have any special features (so the beekeeper you are buying it for might have a better, more professional one)

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How to pick the best gifts for beekeepers

Beekeepers have a nice hobby or activity, and their lifestyle is somewhat different than the one of other people. For instance, they care about the bees, and they have special routines and tasks around the bees. So, it might be somewhat hard to find a gift for a person you know is a beekeeper. So, how do you do it?

We suggest consulting with them. If you want to surprise them, just start the subject of beekeeping, they’ll love to tell you about the equipment they have and what they intend on purchasing in the future. Also, note for the things that they aren’t happy with. For instance, one might suggest that they don’t feel comfortable wearing the suit – that would be a perfect hint for you to get them a better one. Simply ask which one they use, and consult experts for better options.


As you can imagine, there is an abundance of beekeeping tools and pieces of equipment, and some are more important than others. If you want to pick the best gifts for beekeepers, simply do your research, as you would with any other activity.

Depending on the type of the person, their skill and engagement in the whole beekeeping thing, you can choose from a long list of different items. So, consider your budget, see what the beekeeper might need and buy it for them. We promise you, they’ll love it!

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