Flow Hive Review – The Beekeeper’s Guide

Welcome to our Flow Hive review where we’ll go over the most important things about this reputable hive. The Flow Hive caught our attention since it is one of the most popular pieces amongst all beekeepers – beginners and professionals alike. It is a great starter beginner hive, but it can also serve the needs of the professional beekeeper. It is not a giant beehive, but it can still serve a lot of bees. So, what does the Flow Hive have to offer you, and is it a good purchase for your needs?

If you’ve done at least a bit of research, you probably know that there are a lot of Flow Hive models, and in this article, we’ll go over the Classic Cedar 6 Frame Langstroth hive, as it is one of the most popular ones. We were intrigued to see what the unit has to offer and how it compares to other, similar-priced hives. So, we did a full analysis. We used it and had pros and beginners use it too to see what the outcomes will be. So, the results of our research will be presented in this article. We wrote about the most important aspects and notes we have, and we have concluded several things. Will the final outcome of the review suit your needs and criteria?

Keep on reading our Flow Hive review to find out.

About the Brand

Many people know that the Flow Hive isn’t developed by some high-end, high-tech company. In fact, the Flow Hive is developed and invented by a family of father and son who were tired of having to open the beehives to harvest the honey. Instead, the father and son duo – Stuart and Cedar Anderson developed a great technology that solved a lot of problems.

Of course, a couple of inventors couldn’t have done it on their own, as they needed a lot of money for their inventions. This is why, in 2015, the father and sun launched an Indiegogo campaign. They attempted to get funding of $70.000 to develop the technology.

Little did they know that their amazing technology would change the way we see beekeeping. Their lives changed when instead of $70.000, they received more than $12 million, in the first period of the campaign. In addition to this, until the end of their Indiegogo campaign, they had more than 20.000 orders from all around the world.

It was a record-breaking campaign for a groundbreaking product. So, it is safe to say that the Flow Hive is deserving of the fame it got, as it is one of the most unique hives and it is a rewarding thing to know that a small family made it.

This beehive was invented after more than 10-years of research and prototypes. Nowadays, it is manufactured in the USA and in Australia, and it is one of the best units on the market.

Most important features of the Flow Hive

From the moment you lay eyes on the Flow Hive, you notice that the unit is unique. The reason behind this stylish and unconventional hive is simple. It has the famous patented Flow technology. So, unlike with all other types of hives where you need to open the unit up to extract honey, the honey extraction is easy and seamless with the Flow Hive. This is exactly why professionals and beginner beekeepers love it.

It is a well-made hive with a lot of handy features. Of course, we loved the fact that you don’t need an extractor. However, you still need the rest of the beekeeping equipment.

Since we are talking about a hive that is made in the USA and in Australia, you know you can expect good safety. It has food-grade quality plastic in each of the six frames. In addition, the plastic used in the hive is subjected to USA standards and regulations, which is why it is BPA and BPS-free.

flow hive review

Flow Hive Review: Specifications

The Classic Flow Hive is not a really heavy piece. It is exactly 18.7 pounds (or 8.48 kg), when you assemble it completely. It can fit on most surfaces without feeling flimsy. Although not too weighty, it can still be considered a quite durable piece.

In terms of size, the unit is 19.9 x 14 x 9.7 inches. This isn’t a really compact size, but then again, it is a high-end piece with professional features. Considering the moderate size, we can safely say that the unit can fit the needs of a regular bee swarm.

What you get by getting the Flow Hive

Since it is a somewhat big hive, you can expect to get good quality and strong construction. If you decide to purchase it, you should know that the unit will come in two different shipments. In one, you get the wooden parts, and in the other shipment, you’ll get the Flow frames. This isn’t a too convenient thing, but it shouldn’t cause a problem as you can assemble it without any problems thanks to its beginner-friendly design.

Another thing you should know is that you should purchase honey collection jars separately. The unit doesn’t come with those. So, you get the freedom of picking jars according to your size needs.

Flow Hive Maintenance

When doing our Flow Hive review, we noticed one thing. Regardless of the level of your skill, you are probably interested in keeping the hive clean and maintaining it in good shape. And, the hive maintenance is our favorite thing about this unit. It is well-designed, so the bees clean the Flow frames themselves. All the honey that might stay in the trough is designed to leak back in the hive. Thanks to the amazingly handy gap in the frames, you don’t have to worry about cleaning residue honey.

In addition to this, you’ll only need to clean honey from the external, outside parts of the hive. You can do so by using a regular brush.

All in all, we can safely say in our Flow Hive Review that the Flow Hive is incredibly easy to clean and use, even by beginners. And, professionals who’ve seen the struggle of keeping a hive clean will appreciate having this unit around.

Quality of the construction

The construction is an essential part of any hive, as it shows exactly what you can expect from the unit. Also, the construction’s quality can tell you a lot about the durability of the hive.

On this manner, we previously mentioned that there is some plastic in the frames. However, this isn’t a regular plastic – it is a BPA free and BPS free food-grade plastic. This ensures that both the bees are healthy and that you get high-quality honey. The plastic is strong and can withstand a lot of usages.

Besides the frames which are made from plastic, the manufacturer uses Western Red Cedarwood. This type is known for its high-quality. So, you can rest assured that the beehive house is durable, pure and strong. It can withstand a lot of usage with normal maintenance.


You notice how unique the hive looks, right? It is incredibly stylish and it looks high-end too. What we really loved about the unit when we did our Flow Hive review was that the hive features a lot of cool things. For instance, there is handy integrated pest management screened bottom board. This gives you a chance to have full control of what happens in your hive. In addition to this, for the curious eyes, there are observation windows.

Moreover, what we really liked about the design is that it is professionally made. We should mention that the unit offers ample airflow for all types of bees, ensuring that mold isn’t created and that the bees stay healthy. The last thing that we should mention is that you cannot miss is the strong yet gabled roof. It is a stylish addition for a well-designed unit.

flow hive review


  • Easy process of harvesting honey
  • Stylish professional design with good airflow
  • Integrated pest management system
  • Strong construction can be used for a long time
  • Great value for money


  • Mild might occur if the unit isn’t maintained properly

Who is the Flow Hive for?

You probably know that the main target audience of the Flow Hive are beginners. The process of extraction is simplified, thus saving beginners a lot of time and nerves. However, the unit is also handy for beginners.

We noticed that beginners shouldn’t be encouraged to be unable to extract honey, since all the other knowledge is essential, even with this hive. If you want to enjoy all of the benefits that the Flow Hive offers, you need to do a lot of research and have the proper beekeeping knowledge. Just know that you’ll save time on honey extraction.

Flow Hive Review: Verdict

If you want a hive that will help you become the ultimate beekeeper – the Flow Hive is a good option. During the process of research for our Flow Hive review, we learnt that this unit really is a beginner-friendly as it saves the trouble of having to extract honey on your own thanks to the wonderful technology incorporated in it. However, don’t be fooled as you still must be ready to learn everything else about beekeeping.

So, if you are thinking of buying the Flow Hive, we can give you the green light. It is definitely worth the purchase and it is worth every penny you pay for it. It is stylish from the inside out, and it has a set of great features that can ease up your beekeeping experience. However, you should know that you need to find the time to dedicate for proper maintenance. Otherwise, you might irreparably ruin the hive and harm your bees.

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